• Can I bring in my own Silipint or other alternative drinkware? 

You may bring it to fill at any of the water stations. If you wish to use a reusable pint for beer, cider, cocktails or wine, it must be purchased at the venue in the concierge tent (with drink coupon) or at the alcohol tent. These designated pints can be used at every ticketed show for 2019 and will receive $1 off each additional purchase.

  • Can I bring in a camelback or other canteen?

Other empty canteens may be brought in and filled with water in the venue. Sorry no camelbacks are allowed.

  • Can I bring a growler/ and have it filled?


  • Where do I purchase the canteens?

At the Concierge Tent

  • Where is the concierge tent?

Just inside the venue, to the right. 

  • Can I bring my Silipint back next year?

Your reusable LSA Silipint is good for upcoming concert seasons.

  • Are Silipints BPA free?

Yes, they are food grade silicone, BPA free and insulate for hot & cold. They are also microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe.

  • Does the LSA offer compostable cups?

Yes they are available at the concierge tent for free and used by all vendors. If you choose to buy beer of cider and not buy a reusable silipint, it will come in a compostable cup and you will not get $1 off all additional beer and cider purchased for the year.


  • Where are the water fill stations?

There are water fill stations in front of the food vendors, in front of the ATM's and at the ADA Gate. 


  • What if I lose my Silipint?

Unfortunately there are no replacements for lost Silipints.